I’m so glad I have time to paint again!


Aside from animals, I really enjoy painting/drawing/creating things with horror and paranormal themes. With it being close to Halloween I was thinking of getting back into the swing of things by doing some watercolors referencing horror movies. I will keep you updated on what I decide to do, but I really loved the new IT movie (if that’s any hint). If you want me to do something in particular, comment your favorite horror movie and I will try to get it done!

In other news, I was just asked to do two pet portraits for a friend so she can hand them out as Christmas presents. I want to get started on those as soon as I get enough free time; so they may be up shortly!

I’m sorry for the inactivity the past month and a half. This is my last semester of undergrad, and it has been fairly busy to say the least. I’ve honestly not been able to work on any artwork lately (besides anatomical drawings of lampreys and sharks for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy), but I’m hoping that will change soon!

I was contemplating posting some of my poetry that I’ve written. However, I’m not sure how to copyright it, or ensure that no one copies and pastes it as a way to take credit for it. It’s easier with artwork because all of my pieces are signed, and I have all of the originals. If anyone has any suggestions about how I can go about that, or even publishing suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated! I’ve never let anyone read any of my poetry and I felt like this was a good outlet to let that happen.


An abstract I did earlier. I tried working with a new medium, alcohol ink. I know technically you’re supposed to use it on non-porous surfaces, but all I had was a spare canvas. I really dig how the colors turned out, especially the yellow.

75.00 USD

9 x 12 watercolor pet portraits

These are the finished products of the portraits I have been working on. I just sent them through the mail (I hope I put enough postage).

I honestly enjoy experimenting with the backgrounds as much as I enjoy actually painting the animals. My favorite background is the blue/teal background of the Dachshund painting, but my favorite painting overall is the one of the tan and brown boxer. I hope she enjoys them!


These are the 9 x 12 pet portraits I have been working on. The top two are finished, and I’m still working on the bottom one. I really like how the backgrounds turned out.

The finished products will be published shortly!


The sketches of two watercolor pet portraits I am working on. These were commissioned a few months ago, before my trip to Africa. However, on top of being out of the country for a month, I have moved into a new apartment and started a new job. Luckily, the woman that ordered them is a family friend (and very forgiving). Normally I have commissioned portraits like these finished within 1-2 weeks.

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