The background on this painting turned out bomb as fuck! I am so happy with it!! This is the second piece for my friend ♡


Happy Caturday!

Working on pet portraits for my friend Liliana that are a long time coming haha. I’m happy I’m finally painting again ♡

I am almost finished with this piece! I plan on getting it done tonight, and then uploading prints to my redbubble. If you’re interested in buying the original, message me. I haven’t set a price yet, but it’s fairly large.

Art for Sale!

Hi everyone, here is the artwork I have recently added to Redbubble! If you could purchase anything at all it would be greatly appreciated! I am in need of some extra funds at the moment. My professor has asked me to help her conduct research in Seattle in June and I have agreed to go (I want to get into grad school some day), but I was thinking about the costs and I didn’t factor in a lot of things. I am fairly certain I will have enough for food and I have already bought my plane ticket, but I didn’t factor in Uber costs or unforeseen expenses if they may arise. So, in other words, I am cutting it very close. With that being said, please feel free to share this post, share my artwork, etc. Even if you only buy a sticker it would help out tremendously!

I am really excited about this project. I am helping my professor conduct research on the immunological effects of tattooing. We are going to the Washington State Festival where they host a traditional tattauing festival based on the tattooing practices in Samoa and other Polynesian islands. I am super excited for this opportunity and will be giving updates as we go along. I am flying out to Seattle at the end of June and will be flying back to NC in early July! Thank you in advance for your support! I love Anthropology as much as I love art, so this really means a lot to me 😀



Femme Fatale Paranormal Research Promo Video, Part I

Part one of our promo video for Femme Fatale Paranormal Research has been released! Below is the link to watch it, as well as the links to our redbubble and bigcartel where we sell all of our merchandise! Please feel free to share the video, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with our investigations, documentary progress, and random adventures! We also post true and scary paranormal stories every Saturday, so stay tuned!








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