I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon GO recently….


Testing out my new prismacolor pencils, and a little salt and watercolor action

Art Commissions

Hi everyone!

I recently lost my job, so I am opening up my commissions again for some in between cash while I continue looking for work. This time the commissions can be anything, not just pets! I am going to start a dinosaur fossil series after I finish a couple of portraits for my friend. With that being said, I am willing to do horror, pets, animals, people, pokemon, 90s cartoons, and mixes of any of these. I mainly have experience doing animal and human portraits, but I have recently started getting into cartooning. Most, if not all, of the commissions will be done in watercolor or have watercolor elements because that is the medium I like to work with the best.

Individual prices will be determined upon the placement of the commission request!

Also, I totally forgot to post this picture of my painting I did for one of my professors and friend to aid them in their conservation project in Cameroon.


The background on this painting turned out bomb as fuck! I am so happy with it!! This is the second piece for my friend ♡

Working on pet portraits for my friend Liliana that are a long time coming haha. I’m happy I’m finally painting again ♡

I am almost finished with this piece! I plan on getting it done tonight, and then uploading prints to my redbubble. If you’re interested in buying the original, message me. I haven’t set a price yet, but it’s fairly large.

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