A doggo I painted as an art commission for a friend of a friend. He’s pretty cute if I do say so myself :3



Another quick sketch of Pennywise I did while listening to “It”, the audio book. Honestly, I have read a lot of Stephen King, and this is one of his best works.

I found this while looking through my old sketchbook today. I have no idea why I named him Greg, but honestly, it fits.

Paranormal Investigations and Research


This isn’t art related but it’s something that I am equally as passionate about. My friend Suzi and I have started our own paranormal investigation team, Femme Fatale Paranormal Research. We were recently apart of Wilmington Paranormal Research, but since it is a University of North Carolina, Wilmington affiliated organization and we are now graduates we were unable to continue with the organization. We are planning a month long road trip in order to film a documentary about the effects of the paranormal on the everyday lives of individuals and families. Below is the link to our gofundme, and we also have a Facebook page if you are interested in more information. We also are currently looking for places to investigate in the North Carolina-Georgia area. We are offering investigations for free and we will provide the homeowner with the evidence we find at their location!

The link to our gofundme page:


The link to our Facebook page:


The link to our merchandise store:


Two water colors for a coworker. Her aunt recently had to put these two pups down, and she asked me to do paintings of them to commerate their lives. 

The finished product of a commissioned piece. A friend is buying this picture of her cat as a Christmas present. This cat (Kiki) is adorable, I hope her human likes my rendition! 

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